bardot | aspen jacket

I'm not sure what I am more in love with - this snow white Bardot jacket or this stunner of a necklace! Let's start with the necklace. Obviously a show stopping piece, this baby is made by my babe Julia Vaughn who is talented beyond words. The custom-made  Capone Argento necklace may look intimidating but I kinda feel it totally makes sense in the everyday wardrobe too. Example, my snow white Aspen jacket combined with leathery pants feels so right with this necklace. Jeans, leather jackets, bombers etc also fall into this category. Can't wait to dress it up too... 

And as for the Aspen jacket, beyond cozy with a serious oversized collar - I'm in love. 

Outfit: Bardot Aspen jacket c/o Infinity Creative | Capone Argento necklace c/o Julia Vaughn   Blank NYC skinny pants | Stuart Weitzan nudist heels | Alexander Wang bag


the basic autumn

The fall is coming. Soon, a New York advertising photographer will take a huge advantage of the golden leaves in the Central Park, by capturing some gorgeous model with these autumn pieces in the background. And all the ‘obsessed with fashion’ girls will start wearing fancy coats and Rock Star boots.
      What excites me the most about the coming fall? The basic parts-because unlike the summer pieces - multi-colors for hundreds of moods and stories that we live – the fall clothes are simple.
Carefully chosen, they’re tactile. It addresses other senses - memory, skin, smell – their cuts are all about minimalist lines and luxurious materials such as: cashmere, leather, heavy silk and velvet. And it’s just so easy to be happy when wearing boyfriend jeans, simple skirts, escarpen heels and soft sweaters. An outfit is ready within seconds, despite the number of its parts.
For the shopping list, I have a few pieces that are absolutely necessary:
1.     A simple coat - navy blue, beige, camel or gray - is a perfect example. I don’t care  about the rock-and-roll models that have quilted leather sleeves, zippers with visible hems and neoprene vests. I’m more into the nice ones that are not too arched and not too straight. I’m talking about the ones that will be wearable in a few years from now.
2.     Some sweaters, simple lines, loose neckline, but with small details that we see only careful eye can observe: Tweezers shoulder, a small buckle on the waistband, a three-quarter sleeve...current and nice.
3.     Dark colored leather skirts. These pieces will go perfectly with your sweaters and they’re just a huge must for you all. The black, caramel brown and burgundy shades are the ones you should look for.
4.     Thick heel boots. They’re comfortable and absolutely needed for the upcoming fall. Find a pair that’s trendy and avoid the previous season ones. The shoe of the season is the one you have to search for.

5.  Leather bag. Because the key of the fall fashion is ‘less is more’ and leather pieces are always good for cold temperatures and rainy cappuccino days.


gasparre cashmere

Ok if there was a ever perfect sweater, it would be this one from Gasparre Cashmere. I love how extremely cozy it feels - kinda like being hugged all day long. The braided details make it even more lovable. I'm tempted to wear this sweater every possible sweater weather day we have in LA. 


lucky brand + bardot

I can always go for a pair of black skinnies and recently was pleasantly surprised to find a perfect pair at Lucky Brand. They do waxed denim right. Loving the fit and the quality of the material - it's definitely got potential to be worn day after day, which probably will happen in my monochrome life. Ditto goes for this Bardot jacket that has the possibility to be dressed up or down. Just how I love my jackets. 


asilio | 3rd base top

Clearly one of my favorite brands, Asilio never disappoints. This top is the perfect blend of sporty and minimalist vibes therefore, obviously right up my alley. I love the subtle lace material that is just barely noticeable. All sorts of right for any and every day. 

Outfit: Asilio top c/o Infinity Creative | 8th Story pants | Stuart Weitzman nudist heels | Alexander Wang bag | Love Juliet earrings