wardrobe essentials: the silk capsule with grana

When it comes to essentials, my go-to to is hands down, Grana . I'm already obsessed with their cashmere  and I'...

When it comes to essentials, my go-to to is hands down, Grana. I'm already obsessed with their cashmere and I'm even more obsessed with their silk. It's super luxe and perfectly soft. Basically drapes like a dream. The absolute must-have piece for me is the V-neck camisole - which I have in three colors/different sizes (fitted or loose) and wear nonstop. (See here, here, here, here, here, here) See, I wasn't joking. I wear as a basic with jackets, layered under tops and even over long sleeve tops. 

In the first outfit in this post, I layered the silk long sleeve blouse over navy camisole to make a sleek outfit paired with a blazer and leathery pants. It totally works too of course to layer the camisole over the long sleeve blouse but I like the little pop of blue peeking out. I could also easily swap out the black pants for jeans or any skirt or shorts. Or just as easily trade in the blazer for a trench coat or bomber jacket. I'm obsessed with how versatile these pieces are and how they create a little capsule wardrobe that all my outfits basically revolve around. 

And speaking of bomber jackets, the silk bomber could have work easily with that look but in this case I paired it with the silk v-neck slip dress - basically two more pieces that have endless possibilities and are so effortless because of the luxe material. I love slip dresses because they can be dressed down like so here with sneakers. But I could easily trade the sneakers for booties and change the vibe completely. I think you get my point ;) 

There's a few other amazing pieces that I wouldn't mind adding to my capsule collection like the boyfriend tee or the silk blazer. Yes, I think I'm going to need the silk blazer. 

And to get you started on some silk essentials - Get 10% off Grana plus free worldwide shipping with the code ANNETTExGRANA. (Valid for new customers only) 

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