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san giacomo // vialone nano rice, seared scallops, tomatoes coulis, basil, reggiano frisceu //  vegetable sage fritters, red oni...

san giacomo // vialone nano rice, seared scallops, tomatoes coulis, basil, reggiano
frisceu //  vegetable sage fritters, red onions, boston lettuce, zucchini flowers
pappardelle // hand-cut egg pasta, key west lobster, cherry tomatoes, crustacean sauce 
stinchetto di Maiale // Wood-oven roasted pork shank, aromatic herbs, Swiss chard and polenta
castagnole //  freshly fried doughnuts, anise sugar, salty bourbon caramel sauce
mixed berry gelato

It was the boy's birthday the other week so I took him Officine Brera to celebrate. Brera opened in the Arts District in Los Angeles earlier this year in February. When it comes to Italian food, I'm pretty picky. I've spent a lot of time in Italy so most of the Italian food in the US doesn't impress me. Brera though, was delicious. The recipes come from Northern Italy and are literally on display as the waiters are constantly bringing them out. Keep em coming.
I loved the feel of the space (which I forgot to take a pic of!) It's a grand open space with massive super high ceilings, welcoming leathery chairs and solid tables. Definitely more modern than some of the more modest places I've been to in Italy, but I'll take it! 

The food though was just consistently tasty. We started with the vegetable sage fritters which would be everyone's dream idea of veggies. They are perfectly fried and so delightfully doughy inside. 
I was personally excited for the risotto and it didn't disappoint. It had great texture and went nicely with the bone marrow. I think if I had an issue with anything at Brera it is, I would like more bone marrow please.
The pappardelle was just perfection. The sauce was so flavorful and the pasta was completely on point. Can we say al dente? Yes. 
The pork shank was also just amazing. It reminded me of grandma's perfectly cooked oven-roast pork - that is if I had an Italian grandmother. The mash was also perfection. So fluffy. The perfect complement to the saltyness of the pork. 
And for dessert, we had mixed berry gelato and little doughnuts. The doughnuts were delish but the mix berry gelato completely stole the show. The flavor was so concentrated and texture was so smooth, we actually had to order a second one. Definitely one of the best gelatos I've had. Ever.

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