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New year, new desk! There's always so much happening on my desk between packages...

New year, new desk! There's always so much happening on my desk between packages, beauty products, drinks, cameras, candles and oh yes responsible stuff too like bills, memos and notes. But the new year definitely has me in an organizing mood and Kikki-k products are getting it done. 

First, I updated my pen holder with this acrylic version. I love how chic the acrylic looks and how the bottom matches my metallic pens - which I happen to have a rose gold, silver and gold one. So perfect, right? I also got a acrylic magazine holder - which I plan on keeping my books and planner in when not in use. Again I think the clear material works so well here because you can still see what you need and it gives an open feel to the aesthetic. To keep my current bills and any paperwork organized, the wired gold tray keeps everything nice and tidy. These three things are so simple but seriously make all the difference to keep things organized since everything now has a designated spot. 

To add a little pretty, the gold Grateful candle brings out the gold touches of the tray and pen. And the little tea cup and saucer makes my daily tea so much sweeter. 

I'm always much more productive (and happy!) when things are clean and organized. Firm believer in everything needs a home. And when things are messy/cluttered, I feel like my mind is as well. 

De-cluttering the mind is a whole other thing though and that I do best with lists. So little things of course like a weekly planner helps and also To-Do lists. Loving this little Notes on The Go one because well, I am always on the go. Gives me a quick reminder if I have a few things to do. But of course, there's always a bigger picture so I'm really excited about these goal planning books like - 365 Essentials, Create Your Life Plan - basically exactly what the books say - "Work Smarter, Live Better." That's the goal this year because one of my new year's resolutions is to be human again. No more nonstop madness. 

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