3.1 phillip lim lark duffle

I've been searching all over for a new handbag that is functional and well of course, yummy. I mentioned my search here and my love for the 3.1 Phillip Lim Ryder small cross body bag but I don't think it fit my functional needs - i.e. able to fit my camera, wallet, phones, makeup bag etc without being cumbersome. While examining the Ryder endlessly, I stumbled across an older Lim bag - this Lark duffle. I love how wide it is and all its squishy appeal. Definitely fits all my stuff and so far it's been easy to carry. I'm foreseeing everyday-use potential here.


  1. i love this! the leather looks amaze and it totally suits you :) actually had my eye on the zip clutch version but i couldn't find one in stock that shipped over here :(

    steph / absolutely-fuzzy.com

  2. So lucky! It's such a lovely bag. Your bag collection rules. <3